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We’re a small independent specialist Tillandsia (airplant) nursery in the North West of England.  We at Craftyplants offer one of the largest selections of airplants commercially available.

With a lifelong passion for plants, it’s no wonder that we were so fascinated by the bizarre concept of these ‘plants without pots’. As keen air plant collectors, Craftyplants evolved from our own Tillandsia addiction so it’s no surprise that we’ve amassed one of the widest selections around. At present we grow around 300 species, hybrids and cultivar Tillandsia in our greenhouses at Preson, a range that we are always looking to increase. Like most horticultural fanatics, our passion for plants doesn’t stop with one genus. Although our main obsession is Tillandsia, we’ve long been fascinated by the huge diversity of the bromeliad family in general as well as a range of other tropical and sub-tropical plants and this is reflected in our ever expanding range.

We propagate many of our plants at the nursery from vegetative offsets which provides ‘true to type’ clones of the plants, we grow a selection of others from seed at our Preston Nursery. At present we grow around 300 species, hybrids and cultivar Tillandsia, a range that we are always looking to increase.

Alex and Graham's schedule will be available soon

Contact Details for Crafty Plants


(office) 21 Woodgreen Drive Radcliffe M26 1BF

(nursery, by appointment only) Eezitill Nurseries, Startley Nook, Preston, PR4 4XW

Phone: 0161 820 8606

email: Contact CraftyPlants


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